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Your Spiritual Guide

All of the healing services offered can help you to get back into balance, to connect with who you truly are, or help you to heal an aspect of yourself that is ready for healing.


Kinesiology is one of the most comprehensive and holistic forms of natural therapy; recognising the importance of the body, the mind and the spirit in health.

In person


Reiki is a type of energy healing or alternative healing. It targets the energy fields around the body. Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or emotional trauma.

In person & long distance


Channelling, as I experience it, can be seen as energy translation or spiritual coaching. I assist clients as they navigate business decisions, relationships and everyday issues that can be difficult to deal with.

In person & long distance

About Ingrid

In 2018, her family moved to a farm in the northern part of Portugal to experience a different kind of life – life in the ‘slow lane’, to be able to spend more time together as a family.

Ingrid is knowledgeable, sensitive, empathetic, and very professional. Clients feel safe with her and trust her. She has assisted many in healing and on their spiritual paths.


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"I am amazed at how the guidance I was given is still so appropriate for right now. I had a list of questions and worries and each was answered clearly and eloquently by the guide of mine that she channelled."

"Ingrid’s in-depth knowledge of her work combined with her years of experience, just knowing people and having insights into the way people think and behave, is what adds to the success of her therapy"

"Ingrid is so humble about her gift, and so kind. I felt very safe during the process and I left the conversation feeling both reassured and empowered."

"I feel tremendously positive and inspired after a session. The feedback and guidance I receive is accurate, relevant and always extremely helpful. I can highly recommend her."

"Ingrid has been channelling for me for many years. I always go back as her channelling has helped me through difficult times."

"It is simply amazing that this non-invasive and very caring therapy, is so successful. Please don’t hesitate in going for a session with Ingrid."

"Ingrid treated our daughter for her fear of heights, which had the same happy result. One of Alexia’s favourite activities is climbing trees and ziplining through the Acrobranch adventure camp."

'We can highly recommend Ingrid Baptista as a Kinesiology Therapist. Her knowledge is astounding – she never stops studying her therapy and methods"