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About Me

Ingrid was born in Johannesburg but grew up in Cape Town in South Africa. She studied law (obtained BA (Legal), LLB and LLM degrees) and worked for many years in a corporate environment in Johannesburg.


Even though she continued with her corporate career, she has always been passionate about alternative healing and other esoteric practices. She tried many kinds of alternative healing therapies, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, Ayurveda, past life regression, soul retrieval and hypnotherapy; progressed to attending workshops such as shadow work, aromatherapy and polarity therapy and completed various courses like Reiki, Touch for Health, Kinesiology, Massage therapy (shiatsu) and more. Towards the end of the 1990s, she met the late Dr Magdel Schackleton by chance at a Body Mind and Spirit conference. Magdel showed her how to channel – something which felt natural to her, as if she was remembering a long forgotten skill.


When Ingrid experienced a traumatic event which severely impacted her on many levels (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual), a family member gifted her a Kinesiology balance and this resonated with her to such an extent that she signed up to study Kinesiology at the Specialised Kinesiology College in Johannesburg. She obtained the diploma, advanced diploma and later the Graduate Diploma at the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP).



In 2018, her family moved to a farm in the northern part of Portugal to experience a different kind of life – life in the ‘slow lane’, to be able to spend more time together as a family.

Ingrid is knowledgeable, sensitive, empathetic, and very professional. Clients feel safe with her and trust her. She has assisted many in healing and on their spiritual paths.