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Many call it mediumship or something similar. To me, it feels like being an instrument through which divine guidance is given.
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In the 1990s, I attended many esoteric events at which well-known international speakers like Diana Cooper and Louis Hay appeared. One time, I attended a lecture by chance, which was presented by the late Dr Magdel Shackleton. I was astounded at her intelligence and the way in which she balanced a scientific background with her clairvoyance and I was interested in what she had to say. She was a biomedical physicist with a PhD degree at Stellenbosch University and was born clairvoyant.


The latter part of her life was spent as a spiritual teacher and coach and she wrote books such as ‘Georgina and her guardian angels’ in 2001 and ‘Spiritual Schizophrenia’ in 2006, which is interesting since she grappled with her strict upbringing within the Dutch Reformed Church and the clairvoyance with which she was born. I went to speak to her after the event and it led to me doing a workshop on channelling with her. It was both new and familiar to me and it was easy to do – almost like riding a bicycle again after not doing it for years.

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Whilst we know of many people who channel light beings or angels or ascended masters, I found it a little different. From the start, it seemed like the source of the messages changed depending on the client and Magdel helped me to realise that I was able to tune in to the spirit guide(s) or guardian angels of the client each time. This is quite powerful in that it is extremely helpful for a person to receive advice and guidance from their guides, which can assist them to stay on their spiritual path; to make more spiritually informed decisions or to make sense of events which that have transformed their lives to some degree.


At first, I channelled for anyone and always for free until I learned the hard way that there always has to be an energy exchange or things could easily get out of balance, so I started being more discerning and charging for this service.



Channelling helps so many people with questions that weigh them down and from which they do not see a way out. My experience is that the guides do have a beautiful sense of humour and are extremely positive and loving with practical advice that can assist clients as they navigate business decisions, relationships and everyday issues that can be difficult to deal with. Channelling, as I experience it, can be seen as energy translation or spiritual coaching.