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Kinesiology is one of the most comprehensive and holistic forms of natural therapy; recognising the importance of the body, the mind and the spirit in health.
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Muscle feedback is used as a stress monitor to identify imbalances in a client’s structural, chemical, mental or emotional systems. By addressing imbalances and assisting in healing the cause of the problem rather than its symptoms, the client’s own innate healing ability is triggered to start performing the way it was meant to, or at least the way it did before it was hampered by an illness, trauma or accident. Kinesiology can also identify external blockages or barriers to healing and help to create positive results in fitness, health and the mental state.


Your body holds a memory of everything that has happened to you and conveys valuable information that can assist you to lead your best and most healthy life. We are not always in tune with our bodies and we forget to listen to the way our body is ‘speaking’ to us.

When we get ill, are stressed or suffer from anxiety or disease, we often treat the symptoms instead of the cause. Treating the symptoms provides temporary relief, but if the cause is not addressed it may cause long-term problems that could manifest in the same kind of illness or another form of disease.

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Kinesiology is different in that a practitioner will not diagnose or prescribe any medicine. The aim is to achieve an outcome, to improve overall balance in the body and to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance with all aspects functioning optimally. It is suitable for people of all ages and anyone can benefit from a balance.


Fears, phobias, addictions and obsessions can be addressed; it can assist to overcome stage fright, correct stuttering or posture, heal old emotional scars caused by traumatic events and help to achieve weight loss, amongst other things.

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Kinesiology can help to identify food sensitivities, help with learning disabilities and more. A well-trained kinesiologist will also be able to identify whether a medical or psychological issue is present and will be able to refer the client to a relevant medical practitioner or psychiatrist, should there be a need. It is an extremely powerful healing tool, since it can pinpoint the cause of a symptom or problem, thus helping to heal and release trauma. Kinesiology is also completely non-invasive and from the perspective of emotional well-being, it has been said that a couple of sessions can achieve the same result as years of therapy.

What can I expect from a session?

After assessing your history, the practitioner will conduct muscle testing to receive feedback from your body. A full balance will then take place and certain tests will be done at the start and at the end of the session. This will provide a comparison, showing to which degree the stress associated with the issue at hand can be reduced in one session.